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24 People Who Can’t Be Beaten in Goofing Off


4. “When someone asks me what my hobby is…”

5. 3 guys from Poland made a 10-m-tall snowman. Just for fun.

6. It’s easy to save both time and hot water: just throw your Ramen into your bathtub.

7. “My sister made a sweater for her pet. Looks like the sweater is appreciated.”

8. When you understand that you’ve bought a GoPro for a good reason:

9. “This is my best creation. I am an engineer, by the way.”

10. “My new hobby — adding a smile to Samuel L. Jackson.”

11. Somewhere, Cersei Lannister is dying of envy.

12. Surfing during the winter — what could be better?

13. “My niece got a new scooter but I rode it the whole morning.”

14. “Perfect.”

15. What is your achievement?

16. “My girlfriend made a crossbow at work.”

17. “Have you ever tried to cover a banana with Wite-Out?”

18. “I drew the Belcher family from Bob’s Burgers on spoons. Isn’t it awesome?”

19. When a mechanic feels bored:

20. “I was housesitting for my brother and his fiancé’s house. I decided to make them a place where they can worship the guy from the Old Spice commercials.”

21. It seems like someone just had too much free time…

22. “Yes, I can entertain myself.”

23. “It seems like someone spent a lot of time here working on this masterpiece.”

24. “My dad cut our dog’s hair and my mom decided to make a dog’s silhouette on the bathroom floor. And then she called me in to take a look. A heart-stopping prank!”

Have you ever done anything like this? How do you entertain yourself when you’re bored? Share your stories with us in the comments.

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