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7 Everyday Habits That Can Reveal Hidden Aspects of Your Personality


6. Social media likes

During the research, scientists discovered that you can use likes on Facebook to find out a person’s gender, political views, sexual orientation, religious views, and intelligence level. The study was conducted to improve the methods of sales of different goods but the researchers also found out that likes are a form of “slacktivism” and a sign of laziness. People can express the fact that they are worried about something with one click of the computer mouse. They save their time and don’t really put forth any effort.

7. Bitter food

Every person knows someone who likes coffee without cream or sugar. Scientists claim that people who like drinking pure black coffee are more likely to have some psychological disorders — like the ones that serial killers have.

According to the results of the study, a taste for bitter foods may be a sign that a person is a psychopath. At the same time, people who like beer, tonics, and other unsweetened drinks are more likely to exhibit traits of sadism or narcissism — they can be hypocritical, vain, and selfish. They might also enjoy it when other people suffer.

Bonus: how to tell fake people from genuine people:

Everyone wants to be successful — it’s hard to deny that. But fake people rush to tell everyone about their achievements. They want to present themselves in the best way possible. And genuine people don’t need to prove anything to anyone. They can feel fulfillment and happiness without showing off and they can be happy for the success of other people.

Do you agree that habits mean a lot more than we usually think? Or do you think that scientists are giving these habits too much meaning? Share your opinion in the comment section below!

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